I traveled the world in my work as an Environmental Engineer, and as you would expect, I’ve always been a lover of coffee. Whether I was in a city 100 miles away or a country on the other side of the globe, the coffee never tasted like it had back home. Learning from this, I made sure to pack my favorite coffee brand with me wherever I went. To my surprise, this did nothing to improve the strange flavors that I had encountered before. I knew there must be a missing element. Then, I realized the one ingredient that changes from region to region: WATER. As an expert in water quality, I set off to scientifically craft water that would perfectly mesh with the chemical properties of coffee. The result was AQUIEM®— water designed for the discriminating coffee drinker.

We hope that you will replace tap and bottled water with AQUIEM® when brewing your coffee. Your taste buds will thank you.

Frank Manale
Environmental Engineer and Water Specialist