Water quality directly affects the taste, aroma, consistency, and beneficial health effects of all coffees. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense for you to use the best water possible? AQUIEM® is purified water used to brew hot coffee or make popular “Cold-Brews”. Selected essential minerals are added to purified water in pre-determined concentrations during a process, thereby enhancing the flavor of your coffee and increasing coffee’s beneficial health effects. Only AQUIEM® delivers the best taste without any impurities commonly found in many water sources previously used to brew coffee. AQUIEM® allows you to experience the optimum flavor of your coffee as it should be enjoyed.

The Elements

You’ve never read or heard that chlorides, lead, mercury, copper, acids, or zinc result in a great cup of coffee. Neither have we. However, these are only some of the elements that you may be consuming when using common sources of water to brew your coffee each day. As a purified water product having selected essential minerals added to actually enhance coffee’s taste, only AQUIEM® consistently delivers the best taste and aroma each and every time!