1. What makes AQUIEM® different from the most common sources of water previously used to brew coffee (tap water, bottled water, filtered water)?

AQUIEM® is a purified water product that is balanced and blended with selected essential minerals at pre-determined concentrations to enhance the taste, aroma, consistency and health benefits of coffee. AQUIEM® is not only a healthy product, but also pulls natural coffee oils from the roasted and ground beans.

As you likely know, the taste and quality of tap water can vary widely from location to location. Only AQUIEM® consistently produces enhanced taste, aroma, and beneficial health effects due to the water source when brewing hot coffee or making other cold beverages.

The AQUIEM® process is proprietary and several tag lines are registered trademarks belonging to JMR Enterprises, LLC. AQUIEM® is currently priced at less than $0.45 per cup for approximately six 6-fluid ounce cups of coffee (1 liter or 33.8 fluid ounce packages).

2. Where is AQUIEM® produced and manufactured?

AQUIEM® is proudly produced in the USA by JMR Enterprises, LLC, and because we care about our environment, we carefully selected packaging materials that are recyclable into a variety of other products.

3. How do I use AQUIEM®?

Instructions for using AQUIEM®:

  1. Remove water filter (if any) then clean your coffeemaker according to the manufacturer's instructions
  2. Rinse thoroughly, then use AQUIEM® for brewing your coffee instead of tap water or other water sources.
  3. Brew your favorite coffee and enjoy our idea and efforts!

4. Can it be used for hot brew and “Cold-Brew” coffees?

Yes, no matter the temperature of the brewing process, AQUIEM® will always maintain its quality and consistency.

5. Can it be used for tea?

Yes, AQUIEM® can be used for coffee, tea or many other water-based beverages (such as “Cold-Brew” coffee). Regardless of the beverage, AQUIEM® always delivers the most consistent, healthy and best-tasting beverage possible.

6. Can I drink AQUIEM® like I would drink water?

Yes, you can drink AQUIEM® as water. However, AQUIEM® was blended and balanced to enhance the taste of brewed beverages, or more specifically, hot coffee.

7. What is the shelf life of AQUIEM®?

AQUIEM® is best when consumed as close to the purchase date as possible. However, due to AQUIEM®'s choice of packaging materials and production process, it has an extended shelf life and can be safely used to brew your favorite beverage anytime.

8. Does AQUIEM® affect the time of French press? Drip? Single serve?

No, because AQUIEM® is specially blended and balanced to produce the optimum cup of any brewed beverage, AQUIEM® can be used as you would use any other source of water in the brewing process.

9. Should I refrigerate AQUIEM®?

Due to the high quality of our packaging materials and production process, AQUIEM® does not need to be refrigerated when storing the product for later use. However, we do suggest refrigerating AQUIEM® after the package has been initially opened and used.

10. Where can I purchase AQUIEM®?

We are still in the early stages of production and our current distribution is limited. You can Find Aquiem in your area or Order Online.

11. How do I get in touch to learn about AQUIEM®?

You can contact us at the bottom of this page or call us 24/7 at 225-936-7084.

12. Are Quality-Control (QC) procedures followed when making AQUIEM®?

Yes, all QC documentation is available upon request. AQUIEM® is tested at regular intervals during the production and packaging processes.

13. What are the beneficial human health effects of AQUIEM®?

Health effects of AQUIEM® when brewing hot coffee primarily consist of two known benefits, including the following:

  1. AQUIEM® has a neutral to slightly alkaline pH of 7.08. Repeated use of AQUIEM® has been known to reduce and sometimes completely eliminate conditions that often promote stomach acid reflux and/or common “heartburn” due to drinking coffee. All health claims by AQUIEM® have not been documented nor observed by human health professionals or any governmental agencies.

  2. Consumption of harmful ingredients often present in previous sources of brewing water are eliminated due to the meticulous and proprietary process always used to make AQUIEM® and the strict quality control procedures employed when making AQUIEM®. All health claims by AQUIEM® have not been documented nor observed by human health professionals or any governmental agencies.

14. Does AQUIEM® meet federal and state drinking water standards?

Yes! AQUIEM® meets or exceeds US and state drinking water limits.

For more detailed information, below is a message from our founder and ground-water expert, Frank Manale:

A typical aqueous sample of AQUIEM® was received and analyzed by AccuLab, Inc. (ALI) on October 30, 2014. Upon reviewing this AQUIEM® analytical report, concentrations of inorganic analytes detected in AQUIEM® were compared to the following standards:

• USEPA Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) limits;

• California Proposition 65 Standards (October 2016);

• California SB 220 for water;

• The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the State of California Department of Public Health (CDPH) prescribed regulations for drinking water; and

• The Washington State Department of Health (WDH), Office of Drinking Water (ODW), website.

After this review, it was determined that AQUIEM® meets all limits included in the above-listed regulations. The analytes detected in the AQUIEM® sample were consistently below all reviewed limits by at least a factor of two (2). In fact, analyte concentrations detected in the batch of AQUIEM® were mostly below laboratory Method Quantitation Limits (MQLs). Documentation and certifications obtained for AQUIEM® will be presented on AQUIEM®’s website as they are received. However, AQUIEM® prefers to maintain the mineral content of AQUIEM® as a trade secret at this time. The nature and concentrations of the elements present in AQUIEM® that allow water enhancement for coffee are currently proprietary. Thanks for your continued interest in AQUIEM®.

Frank Manale Consultant and Creator of AQUIEM® Co-Owner, Founder and Groundwater Engineer for Toxicological & Environmental Associates, Inc. (TEA, Inc.), Retired